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MONO by Gomma ®

"Black and white photography has proven itself to be a timeless medium for photographers and artists around the world. This brilliant form of photography has been with us for many years and will be with us for the centuries to come. To celebrate this beautiful pastime, Gomma Books Ltd. has launched MONO, a collection of contemporary black and white photographic works." Michael Itkoff, Founder of Daylight.

Volume One
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Volume Two
Out 2015







Volume Three
Out 2017

MONO Volume Two. 2015 Contest. Winners.

The seven photographers winners are:
Mathias Christensen, Eamonn Doyle, Ilias Georgiadis, Ata Kam,
Igor Pisuk, Leif Sandberg and Magdalena Switek.

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Mono Volume Two. Out Now.

About MONO

MONO is a hardback trilogy showcasing an exciting collection of contemporary black and white photographers. It showcases renowned artists such as Daido Moriyama, Antoine D'Agata, Michael Ackerman, Trent Parke, Anders Petersen and Roger Ballen alongside a vibrant selection of internationally recognized photographers and promising talents.
The works of each artist blend together so elegantly and beautifully
to create an enthralling visual journey.
An unforgettable display of some of the most striking monochrome imagery. MONO is a celebration of that beautiful and timeless art medium that is black & white photography.


MONO Volume Two is the second hardback of the MONO trilogy showcasing an ispiring collection of contemporary black & white photography. MONO Volume Two will feature Daido Moriyama, Dirk Breackman, Paulo Nozolino, Sohrab Hura among many other talented photographers...


The overall feel of MONO is that of a beautiful river flowing with outstanding imagery. A poetic and visually enchanting journey where the works is arranged cohesively and harmonically. Each artist is introduced by some of the most influential personalities in the photography world.

    View the video showreel

    Please have a look at MONO Volume One.

    Mono Vol. One Video made by Kim Thue.

    Kim Thue is a talented photographer and videographer based in London. Kim was born in September 1980 in Grindsted, a small Danish town situated on the windy moors of Jutland. As a restless teenager he moved to the U.K, where he graduated from the Editorial Photography course at Brighton University in 2006.

    He is a member of the Italian photo agency Prospekt and is currently based in London. Kim has undertaken extensive projects in countries as diverse as China, Greenland and Sierra Leone.

    Colophon & Info

    MONO Volume One complete personnel
    and workforce listing.